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Meet Big Babies

In a parallel reality, impossible for humans to see, there was a Big Baby World inhabited by babies who never aged. While they matured mentally, they physically remained babies throughout their lives. They lived happily, giving hugs with their pudgy arms and taking loving care of their companions.

One day, their planet fell out of its orbit, causing their world to plunge into eternal darkness. Forced to flee their planet in search of a new home, a Big Baby scientist opened a portal to planet Earth.

11,111 of the cutest, most affectionate babies have now arrived and each one is looking for a new family and home. If they find love and safety here, they may even bring their beloved companions. Adopt your Big Baby today!

Big Babies
by Numbers

Here is the breakdown of the exclusive Big Baby drop.

Total Avatars


Big Babies, each of which is 1 of /1 unique drop, are built from 120 Ethereum-based traits. Avatars not adopted in the pre-sale will be deployed in the public sale. All avatar traits and attributes will be revealed after the public sale starts.



Whitelist spots will be available for our early adopters and supporters. We want to make the early bird sale as affordable as possible to reward our collectors, so we have chosen the price point of ΞXY for the pre-sale.

Team, Artists, F&F


A small portion of the collection will be distributed among team members, artists, and influencers.

Public Sale


The remaining NFTs will be available for the general public to purchase via minting on our website. We will hold a Dutch auction where each buyer will be able to purchase 5 avatars per unique wallet.


we're heading

Big Babies’ journey, from perilous escape to happy adoption

Adoption: Coming soon

More than just minting

Big Babies aren’t just valuable assets, they need you to survive! Right now, a Big Baby is waiting for YOU to adopt it, ready and eager to shower you with its unconditional love. All you need to do is ADOPT today.

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What’s the total supply?
What’s the total supply?
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